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in a nutshell : I also love to get Ayurvedic massages. The special change in the touches has made me very keen from the first experience to learn this type of massage as well. In addition to my main job I wanted to do something really different for a long time, to have a balance. In addition to yoga, also special back-yoga and meditation, I found 3 years ago in learning the Ayurvedic massage a wonderful addition to my life. I am very grateful to my teacher, with whom I now also work together, which for me means a high degree of trust. The quality of these massages in a tasteful ambience is something special for me and also for the people who come to me and then can relax.

Opening times

Friday and Saturday according to a prior phone call
during the week on thursdays according to a prior phone call
The massage practice is right next to Chlodwigplatz in Cologne


E-Mail: info@ac-massage.de
Tel: +49 (0) 163 458 38 32



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